The dust is starting to settle and I am finally able to sit down and write and thank you for your assistance with our home buying experience. From start to finish, you and your team were there for us. The communication was very quick, realistic and informative. As we both know, this is a difficult market in which to buy a suitable home which also fit our price and location parameters. Together, we were successful in finding a lovely property that fully met our needs and this was only due to the strength, expertise, diligence and commitment of you and your team. In short, we could not have done it without you and we am grateful. I will be recommending you and your team to anyone I meet who is about to enter the real estate market. They could not be in better hands. – Declan and Iveta


Naomi and her team were unbelievable. They are truly caring and gave us their all plus some. I have worked with many realtors in my 22 years of being in the military and they are  — hands down —  the best I have ever seen.  Jeromy W.

8th & Home Testimonial


We cannot thank our realtor enough! They made the process so much more enjoyable!! If you are looking to buy or sell in the Northern Virginia area, you cannot go wrong with Naomi Hattaway and the 8th and Home Team! Breanne W.

8th & Home Testimonial

Naomi is an excellent example of what a relocation expert and real estate agent should be. Her assistance in my recent relocation was invaluable.  From purging and prepping, to tips on how to effectively deal with the movers, how to keep the kids happy while we sold our house, what to do with the pets and everything in between!  Naomi took the time to ask me questions about my particular situation and gave me personalized recommendations.  Moving can be one of the most stressful times but Naomi has the ability to help you see the light at the end with her positive and vibrant personality combined with her passion and knowledge.  I truly believe that Naomi takes a whole hearted interest in those that she works with and treats you as family and not just a client. Dawn B.


Kind, knowledgeable, gentle, prompt, thoughtful, concise, honest, straightforward, and effective are just a few of the words I would use to describe Naomi Hattaway. She takes real estate to a whole new level. Working with Naomi has been a breath of fresh air. I truly believe she has my best interest at heart. Naomi asks the right questions and has allowed us, as a family, to decide what is really important in a home and in a community. Naomi’s years of experience moving, her vast knowledge of the market and of people, make her an amazing relocation specialist! I would highly recommend Naomi to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She brings a new energy to the process of moving. Working with Naomi feels less like work and more like a positive move in the right direction!  Heather M.


There is no one I’ve ever met quite like Naomi. Thoughtful, kind, devoted, and driven like none other, Naomi is a master at understanding what people want and helps them achieve it, especially when it comes to finding the right home. As a real estate agent, she is committed to helping her clients with local relocation as well as planning an international move. Naomi is also one of the most supportive individuals on social media, connecting with influencers and sharing valuable tips + content on subjects such as global citizenship and personal branding. Her blog is a must read! Elizabeth B.


When my husband was offered a position in India, we had less than six months to move our family of four to New Delhi. It’s difficult to describe the stress, anxiety, and excitement I felt. Research mode kicked in, as I started reading everything I could find. It was at this point that I found Naomi Hattaway!  Her help with our relocation was such a help to me. I sent her multiple emails with questions about housing, schools, health care, what to bring from the US, and so much more. Her quick, detailed, and often humorous responses eased my anxiety immensely.

We had been assigned a local relocation agent to assist with housing, school visits, and get a feel for the area. That relocation agent was full of information, but I wasn’t able to build a comfortable working relationship with her. She didn’t understand my questions and concerns. This is when Naomi really became a star.  Naomi was a breath of fresh air. She had been where I was at the moment. She is an amazing listener, quickly read me, and was able to guess ahead of time what information I needed. When we made the actual transition with our family in June, Naomi and her children gave us a personalized tour of the school and areas that would be of interest. Again, her assistance helped us to relax and make an easy transition to life in India. She took time out of her busy days to make sure we had a smooth adjustment. I can’t thank her enough for all the help and understanding during our relocation.  Naomi had such a positive impact on our transition. Naomi is a refreshing alternative to the normal relocation companies. She has been through the process more than once personally and has assisted multiple families that I know.  Anyone moving to a new area or simply moving to a new home in the same area would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with Naomi. Gwen B.